The story behind the TakeMe design lamps

User-driven Danish design

A simple and elegant solution to a major problem

The idea for the TakeMe lamp arose in collaboration with the Danish designer Morten Hedegaard.

At ARCHII, we work with a number of designers and architects on providing furnishing and lighting for hotels and restaurants, most of which were having major issues with the inflexible table arrangement in their dining facilities. Lamps are generally mounted to the ceiling, and the table placement is subsequently determined according to the lighting. This ‘locks’ the table setup into a specific configuration, making it incredibly difficult to adapt the setup to the large variety of events and situations a venue is used for.

During the many hot summer evenings, for instance, hotels and restaurant owners were unable to move their tables out onto the patio without having to drag a lot of power cords outside for lighting.

The issue was therefore simple: flexibility was needed for the table layout. So we tackled the challenge with an equally simple solution: a transportable and rechargeable table lamp.

And thus, the TakeMe lamp was born.

Continuous concept development

ARCHII designed the first version of TakeMe in 2016, and after a series of regular upgrades we are now on the third generation of the lamp. One of the most important changes is the battery, which has been upgraded to a more powerful and sustainable type. The lamp is now able to provide 24 hours of lighting at its top setting while also supplying power for recharging mobile phones and tablets. In addition, we have improved TakeMe’s functionality with a three-step dimming function, allowing you to set the lighting according to the purpose and atmosphere.

A rise in enquiries from guests

As the TakeMe lamp made its way into a growing number of hotels and restaurants, we received more and more enquiries from guests who wanted to know where they could buy the cleverly designed lamp. We saw interest among private users who wanted some atmospheric lighting for their backyard barbecues, as well as business owners who wanted to use the TakeMe lamp to put on appealing outdoor sales exhibitions during the dark autumn and winter months. We began by selling the TakeMe lamp via the hotels’ own shops, but in order to meet the growing increase in demand, we also created an online shop in 2019, allowing everyone to easily order their own TakeMe lamp.