A rechargeable table lamp in danish design

TakeMe has been designed with the environment in mind

95% recyclable materials

TakeMe has been designed with consideration for nature and a desire to create a lamp with the highest possible measure of sustainability. That’s why the lamp is almost exclusively made from recyclable materials such as aluminum and brass. The TakeMe lamp is therefore a solid, sustainable alternative to the majority of the existing transportable lamps on the market which are primarily made from plastic materials.

Recyclable lithium battery

Batteries are often bad for the environment, but our lithium battery is 100% recyclable. You can also extend the life of your TakeMe lamp by replacing the degraded battery with a new one, thereby contributing to responsible use – and re-use – of natural resources.

The lamp is available in following variants:

TakeMe mini ledningsfri bordlampe

TakeMe Mini – New edition, also available in many colours

TakeMe I bordlampe i sort/messing

TakeMe I – our classic lamp 

TakeMe III Sort/Messing bordlampe med skærm

TakeMe III – with a gorgeous brass lampshade

TakeMe IV Sort/Messing bordlampe

TakeMe IV – a new design