The designer lamp’s cool features

A beautiful lamp packed with advanced tech

TakeMe gives you a gorgeous designer lamp right where you need it – both inside and outside.

Arrange your tables and chairs as you like and complement your setup with the perfect lighting from TakeMe.

A TakeMe lamp offers more than beautiful, timeless design; it also comes with lots of cool tech that makes it incredibly versatile.

It comes with a host of advanced features, including the following:

Cordless – can be used anywhere

A TakeMe lamp is as mobile as it gets. You can arrange your tables precisely where you want them to be and add the perfect lighting without having to bother with unsightly cords and cables.

High lighting quality

The adjustable downlight results in pleasant, cosy lighting that’s easy on the eyes, with settings that make it suited for everything from romantic dinners to a spotlight presentation of your products at an exhibition.

Three different lighting levels

Thanks to the built-in three-step dimming feature, you can set your TakeMe lamp to create the perfect lighting for any given situation and atmosphere.

Lighting around the clock

A fully charged TakeMe lamp can provide light for 24 hours on its highest setting and up to 72 hours on its lowest setting.

A mobile phone and tablet charging station

The days of having to get up to find the nearest power outlet for your dying phone/tablet battery are over. Simply charge your device via your TakeMe lamp with a USB B connector instead.

Long-life battery

The high-performance 3.6 Li-ion 24000mAh battery can be fully recharged up to 1,000 times, after which it can be easily replaced.

Outdoor use

With an IP class 31 certificate, the TakeMe lamp is approved for outdoor use.


Application: Rechargeable table lamp.

Dimensions: Ø100 x H334 mm.

Materials: Aluminum, brass, acrylic

Colours: Black, bronze, chrome and green.

Light source: 3W LED 250 lumen, Kelvin 2700 IP class 31.


Battery: 3,6V Li-ion 24000mAh up to 500 full recharges (replaceable battery).

Battery life per charge: up to 24 hours.

Battery charging: 100-240Vac via USB full charge about 8 hours.

Battery life: Up to 1,000 on/off switches for the battery. Up to 25,000 hours for the light source.

Connectivity options: Charging via USB B connector for devices such as mobile phones and tablets.