TakeMe I Olive/Brass Red Cross

Cordless and rechargeable designer table lamp. 1 USB cable & 1 adapter included.

With this Limited Edition you support Red Cross.


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Extra accessories


  • Application: Rechargeable table lamp.
  • Dimensions: Ø100 x H334 mm.
  • Materials: Aluminum, brass, acrylic
  • Colours: Black, bronze, chrome, and olive green.
  • Light source: 3W LED 250 lumen, Kelvin 2700.
  • IP class 31.
  • Battery: 3,6V Li-ion 24000mAh up to 500 full recharges (replaceable battery).
  • Battery life per charge: up to 24 hours.
  • Battery charging: 100-240Vac via USB full charge about 8 hours.
  • Battery life: Up to 1,000 on/off switches for the battery. Up to 25,000 hours for the light source.
  • Connectivity options: Charging via USB B connector for devices such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • 1 USB cable & 1 adapter included.